Our Faith Centre aims to provide a focus for the educational, personal and spiritual development of all young people and members of our community, playing a pivotal role in promoting community cohesion.

The Faith Centre reaches out to all the communities of Burnley, Pendle and beyond and is rooted in its commitment to being totally inclusive, welcoming all people who come in peace and respect for themselves and for others, and who desire to learn and grow. Our work is not about forcing integration. Rather, the Centre is a safe space where people of all faiths and none come together to tell their stories and share their values, beliefs and hopes. Crucially, we believe that people only truly grow when they are open and receptive to the witness, feelings and opinions of their neighbour within this ‘welcome space’.

The Faith Centre consists of a central activities facility, the Spiritual Space, a quiet room available for prayer, reflection and small meetings and also access to resources to deliver inspirational and integrated learning opportunities. Overall, this investment aims to increase understanding and personal growth, welcoming and celebrating the rich diversity of this area, in all its forms. We believe that the Centre’s work plays a pivotal role in promoting inclusion and cohesion in this part of Lancashire and beyond.

To contact the Faith Centre please call 01282 682275.